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Andrea L. Chapman
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Virtual/Zoom counseling

Virtual Individual, Couples & Family Counseling 

Venting, expressing strong emotions freely.

Introductory price: $20.00 for 15 minutes per session

Description – Short conversation with counselor to release feelings of frustration, and sometimes rage and despair. We all need to air our feelings to someone who will listen and understand what is going on with our life experience. Need an appointment as soon as possible.


Individual Counseling – One on one counseling to help get through some life crises or past life trauma.

Price $45.00 for 30 minutes.

Package Description for individuals: This is a one-on-one counselling, focusing on issues that will give you an on-going treatment plan. It will be four weeks—40 minutes per session.

$50.00 X 4 weeks = $200.00


Couples Counseling: Two people that are unhappy with their relationship.

Price: $80.00 for 45 minutes

Package Descriptions for Couples:

This counselling is for two people who interaction with each other has become a daily drama to the point they began to hurt each other by harsh words and some physical touching. Example: married couple, caregivers (daughter, son, sister, brother, etc.) and parents, couple friendship, etc.

You will get an on-going treatment plan for four weeks—45 minutes per session.

$70.00 X 4 weeks = 280.00


Family counseling: A family who is miserable around each other.

This form or counseling will help bring the family together for a heathier and safer environment for each member in the home. Learning and respecting each other for a better home atmosphere. There will be good reasonable treatment planning for each family member.

Price: $100.00 for one hour

Package description of family counseling

You can do a weekly program or ask for our special package, that will give you an on-going treatment plan for six weeks—one hour per session. Check with counselor for special price.

Note: 110.00 X 4 weeks = $440.00


*** It is recommended that each family member take the individual counseling package first for better results.

Group counsel virtual sessions  --  This counseling is when you get a group of people who would like to have an open discussion about a particular topic. There can be five or more people. You pick the topic.

Price will be $20.00 per person, 45 minutes per session.


Please be on time.

**There will be an additional $1.25 per minutes over your appointment time frame.


Andrea L. Chapman

Chapman Cares, Inc.

407 Taurus Drive

Ft. Washington, MD 20744

Phone: 301-449-1181


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