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Letter to Readers
Letter to Readers

I wrote Mysterious Behavior Box to help people understand interesting facts about their behavior and the behavior of their family. It is divided into two parts: Mysterious Behavior of Individuals and Mysterious Behavior of Family. I do not use psychological terms, big words, or rhetoric to explain simple concepts. The format is simple, easy to read, and user friendly. Most of the chapters begin with questions, statements, and scenarios that set the chapter’s pace and help you contemplate some of your issues as well as those of your family members. I use many of my own life experiences—pleasant, unpleasant, and humorous—so you can see that I understand, both from a professional level and from personal experience.

When I began writing part two of this book, on the family and the diversity of family members, I wanted to abandon the project. I felt it would be too difficult trying to simplify something so complex. Writing a book that deals with family issues is more challenging than one dealing with individual issues. But understanding family dynamics is important, and presenting the right information to family members in an easy-to understand format is vital. They need to understand their individual actions in order to improve the family’s quality of life. And so I pressed on.

This book is not a quick fix for your behavior. People who are overweight tend to want a quick-fix weight-loss program. They forget that it took them years to gain the weight, and it will take more time to lose it. The same is true with behavior. It takes time to change negative and unhealthy patterns.

Some professionals may disagree with the content of this book, and that’s okay. I want you to be your own judge. It is my desire that when you finish reading this book you will begin, perhaps for the first time, to be honest with yourself, get to know yourself better, become more aware of the dynamics surrounding you and your family, make changes in your life that will benefit you as well as others, and work through many of your life experiences. 

—Andrea L. Chapman

Andrea L. Chapman

Chapman Cares, Inc.

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